About Us

CLS Electrical was established in order to provide project management and electrical services. We have extensive, experience within our field and are committed to delivering an unsurpassed quality of service and post commissioning care.

We accomplish this through:
» Open and honest communication with the client
» Providing the most cost effective solutions
» Utilising only SABS approved spares and products
» Satisfying the business needs of its clients through professional services.

We are able to handle projects on a turnkey basis as part of a team that has been involved extensively in electrical projects since 1986,originally trading as CG Electrical the organisation has undergone strategic alignment to meet current employment equity and BEE criteria, all key personnel where retained and still form part of the highly professional team.

We are locally owned and operate with expertise in all electrical fields including:
Electrical management and supervision which involves project management of the entire electrical process including planning, organising, controlling and monitoring the project schedule while adhering to strict quality and safety standards.

Supply of material which is not supplied by the client and which forms a substantial part of the installation. In addition, CLS Electrical offers a purchasing and inspection service to the client in respect of client procurement or engineer's specification.

Installation which is the physical erection of the electrical MV and LV systems associated with industrial plants, commercial and residential projects. CLS Electrical manages both skilled and unskilled labour according to the sequential installation plan.

Calibration and commissioning to ensure optimal operation of the projects once the erection process is complete. Sophisticated and expensive test and calibration equipment is needed to execute this function which can only be operated by highly specialist technicians.

Maintenance to ensure full operational efficiency after completion of the project.

CLS Electrical is proud to be 100% BEE compliant.


our Team

The management team consists of the following key personnel:

» C Archary - Managing Member (Member)
» L Naidoo - Head of Operations (Member)
» A. Tuee Baloyi - Head of Marketing (Marketing Manager)
» C Gordan - Senior Contracts Manager (HV & LV Experience)
» G Botha - Senior Contracts Manager (HV & LV Experience)
» T Makwela - Senior Contracts Manager (HV & LV Experience)
» B Ndebele - Senior Contracts Manager (HV Specialist)


Compay profile

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